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The Brewing Industry And The Brewery Workers Movement In America (First Edition, 1910)
By Hermann Schluter

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Publisher: International Union of United Brewery Workmen of America, 1910.
Hard Cover, 331 pages, 5.5 x 8.
Item #1344

This book is a true classic in the American brewing history arena. Schluter, who was commissioned by the Brewery Workers' Union to write this book in 1910, provides a concise but thorough overview of brewing in America during the 19th century, then delves into the main topic of the book: the turbulent brewery workers' movement of the late 1800s. (See Table of Contents below) He details the ups and downs of brewery workers' unions in cities throughout the country, complete descriptions of strikes, contract negotiations, etc. Although Schluter is unabashedly biased in favor of the workers' side of the story, there is, nevertheless, simply no other source out there which provides such rich detail on the formation of organized labor within the American brewing industry. Without this book, much of the history of brewery unions in various American regions would have been lost forever. A true landmark book. Schluter concludes by taking a brief look at the potential threats to the brewing industry in 1910. The growing Prohibition Movement, of course, tops his list of menaces.

PART 1: The Beer-Brewing Industry

Chapter 1: The Beer-Brewing Industry In The Middle Ages
a. In Germany
b. In England

Chapter 2: The Beer-Brewing Industry In The American Colonies
a. New England
b. New Amsterdam
c. The Middle and Southern Colonies
d. The Decline of Beer-Brewing in the Colonies

Chapter 3: The Modern Beer-Brewing Industry
a. The Beginnings
b. Lager-Beer
c. From Small Production to Great Industry

Chapter 4: Brewing As A Great Industry
a. The Development of Capitalism During the Civil War
b. Capitalism in the Beer-Brewing Industry
c. The Concentration of the Industry
d. The Organization of the Brewery Capitalists
e. Comparative Review

PART II: The Brewery Workmen's Movement

Chapter 1: Prior To Organization

Chapter 2: Beginnings of Organization
a. The First Attempts
b. The First Brewery Workmen's Unions
c. The Strike of 1881

Chapter 3: Permanent Organization
a. Consequences of the Defeat
b. The Order of the Knights of Labor
c. Renewed Organization of the Brewery Workmen
d. The Labor Movement of 1886
e. Foundation of Brewers' Unions Throughout the Country

Chapter 4: Founding of the United Brewery Workmen and the First Victories
a. The First Convention
b. The Founding of the Brewers' Journal
c. The Convention in Detroit
d. Achievements

Chapter 5: The Struggle of 1888
a. The Brewery Capitalist and the Labor Movement
b. The Outbreak of the Struggle in Milwaukee
c. The Brewers' Pool in New York
d. The Lockout in New York
e. Before the State Board of Arbitration
f. The Struggle Through the Country
g. Special Conference in Chicago

Chapter 6: The Development of the United Brewery Workmen
a. Dark Times
b. Struggle and Strife on the Pacific Coast
c. A Change for the Better
d. Growth of the Organization
e. The Course of the Struggle in New York
f. Termination of the Struggle in New York and its Consequences
g. On Firm Ground

Chapter 7: The American Federation of Labor and the Brewery Workmen
a. Founding of the Federation
b. The Kinghts of Labor and the Federation of Labor
c. Jurisdiction Disputes
d. Antagonism Bewteen the Federation and the Brewers
e. Industrial or Trade Organization

Chapter 8: Labor-Union and Political Organization
a. The Labor Union and its Weapons
b. Political Action
c. The Brewery Workmen and the Political Struggle
d. The Brewery Workmen and Capitalist Politics

Chapter 9: Hygienic Conditions of the Brewery Workmen
a. Diseases of the Trade
b. Accidents
c. Causes and Remedy
d. Free Beer

Chapter 10: Acievements and Prospects
a. Condition of the Organized Brewery Workmen
b. Possibilities of Expansion of the Organization
c. The Need For Enlightenment

PART III: Obstacles to the Development of the Brewing Industry

Chapter 1: Prohibition and Sunday Closing
a. The Puritans
b. The Saloon and Sunday Closing
c. Sunday Laws and Professional Politicians
d. The Prohibition Movement
e. The Brewing Industry and Prohibition

Chapter 2: Workingmen and Prohibition
a. The Social Aspect of the Alcohol Question
b. The Position of the Workingmen With Respect to Prohibition
c. Workingmen and the Sunday Question

Chapter 3: Taxes and the Brewing Industry
a. The Brewing Industry and the Rulers
b. Taxation of Beer In Modern Times
c. Who Pays the Indirect Taxes?

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