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Modern Brewing: A Practical Handbook of Contemporary Brewing Practice, Second Edition
By Carl A. Nowak

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Publisher: Carl A. Nowak, 1934.
Hard Cover, 392 pages, 6.50 x 9.25.
Item #1453

Here is brewmaster Carl Nowak's contribution, published in 1934, to the wide assortment of books that appeared on the American brewing scene not long after the end of Prohibition. Nowak, in fact, issued his first edition of this book in 1931, as soon as it became evident that Prohibition would be repealed. At that time, brewers around the country began to scramble for technical assistance in revamping their breweries in time for repeal. Nowak wrote, "In spite of the unfavorable conditions prevailing in the brewing industry in America at the present time [i.e., that Prohibition had not yet been repealed], I thought it best to hasten publication in order that the knowledge, contained within the pages of this book, would be made available to the practical brewer without further loss of time." He continued, "For those not familiar with with the methods of doing business in the United States, it may be well for me to call attention to the fact that, whatever America does, is on a large scale, usually well financed, but must be done in a hurry. This accounts for many of the strange processes which the reader will find in subsequent pages of this book." The book includes over 30 illustrations.

Nowak had been author of a handful of brewing books in years past, and was editor of The Brewer's Art magazine.


• Brewery Location and Architecture
• Materials Used in Brewing
• The Preparation of Brewing Water by Means of Electricity
• Brewing
• Fermentation
• The Nathan System
• Beer and Its Constituents
• Pure Yeast Culture
• The Chillproofing and Stabilizing of Beer
• The Rapid Aging of Beer
• Modern Brewhouse and Cellar Design
• Spent Grains Drying
• Carbonic Acid Gas Collection, Storage and Carbonating of Beer
• Air Conditioning
• Beer Filtration with Diatomaceous Silica Filter-aids
• A New Method for the Production of Sterile Beer Without Pasteurization
• Modern Metals in the Brewery
• Scientific Control of Brewing Operations
• Calculations in Brewing Practice
• The Principles of General Chemistry Summarized
• Faulty Beer, Causes and Remedial Measures
• Brief Outline of Bacteriology
• Looking Forward
• Glossary of Brewing Terms
• Bibliography
• Useful Tables and Data
• Index

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