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Why Should I Become A Affiliate?

We know how much time and effort goes into building a web site. In many ways, its a noble endeavor -- giving of your time to share information about your favorite subject (beer, of course) with people from around the world who you will never even meet. So, why not get something in return for all of your efforts? After all, as a Affiliate, you'll be offering your visitors products that they're likely going to buy anyway. Why not direct them to, and collect some well-deserved commissions?

Its an incredibly simple process.

    Just place a simple link to on your web site and you'll start earning commissions immediately. There's no need to build a huge book store giving all of the details of all the individual products. You can certainly do that if you wish but, unlike other affiliate programs, does not require you to do that in order to earn full commissions. A simple link is all that is necessary.

Long live the cookie!

    With other affiliate programs, commissions are only paid if a referral (a person who clicks on your link and goes to the store) puts an item in his shopping cart immediately and then completes his purchase that same day. Why? Because those merchants perform extensive shopper-tracking studies, and they know that many shoppers will take a day or two to ponder their purchase. In the meantime, your commission will expire. By imposing a very short "cookie life", the merchant saves money by not having to pay you your commission. At, we say, "Long live the cookie!" Every referral you generate is given a 30-day cookie immediately upon entering That means if he makes a purchase any time over the next 30 days, you get your sales commission. No fine print. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Get commissions on EVERY item in our store.

    Unlike other affiliate programs, we do not limit the types of products that are commissionable to you. Every single item in our store -- including Gift Certificates and Out-Of-Print books -- is fully commissionable. Period.

We are you.

    Perhaps the most crucial advantage of becoming a Affiliate is that we are a part of the same on-line beer enthusiast community as our customers. We're not a distant, faceless mega-merchandiser. We know (and love) beer. As such, we are uniquely capable of making timely and relevant suggestions, and offering items that customers can't get anywhere else. In short, we're better qualified to "close the sale" for you, thus delivering more commissions.

Ready to become an Affiliate?