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Creating the Affiliate Links

Making the affiliate links to place on your website is quick and easy. You can choose a simple text link, banner ads, or product images. You can link to our home page, or link directly to specific product pages. It is super easy to set up. Really!

Of course, whatever type of links you choose, every click-through and resulting purchase is credited to your account and adds to your commissions.

» To create your affiliate links, just login to your account and follow the simple directions. We'll give you the HTML you need to paste into your site. It only takes a few minutes, and you're done!

Text Links

    Text links can be worded any way you choose. Most simply choose a phrase like "Visit" and link to the home page. Others use the title of a product and link straight to the info page for that product. You may want to simply add a link to your site menu that reads, "Bookstore" or "Browse Beer Books." Choose whatever works best for your website. To create text links, just login to your account and follow the simple directions.

Banner Ads

    If you choose to include affiliate banner ads on your website, we will rotate a series of different banners to keep a fresh look for your site. You don't need to download anything or store any banner images on your web server. We will give you the simple HTML you need. Just paste the HTML in to your site and the banners will be served from our web server to your pages. Easy as pie! » Look at some sample banners.

Product Links

    If you prefer to link directly to specific products at, we have several different options. Choose from a simple text link to a complete product description and image. You can even build entire pages of products. It is easy to set up. Just log in to your account and follow the simple instructions. You'll be done in minutes.