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One Hundred Years of Brewing: A Complete History of the Progress Made in the Art, Science and Industry of Brewing During the Nineteenth Century

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One Hundred Years of Brewing: A Complete History of the Progress Made in the Art, Science and Industry of Brewing During the Nineteenth Century

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Publisher: H.S. Rich & Co. (reprint, Arno Press), 1903/1974.
Hard Cover, 718 pages, 9 x 12.
Item #1107

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Simply put, 100 Years of Brewing is one of the greatest works ever published on the brewing industry. Originally published in 1903, the 718-page oversized book is a comprehensive look at beer-making around the world throughout the 19th century with its main focus being on the United States. It includes detailed historical write-ups on virtually every American brewery in operation in 1903, accompanied by hundreds of illustrations of breweries and the people behind them. Also included are thorough discussions of every aspect of brewing history -- social, technological, architectural, statistical, etc. These 1974 reprints are becoming extremely scarce as beer enthusiasts and researchers have discovered the depth and value of the information contained therein.

CONDITION: Very good. Dust jacket tattered at edges. Book solid. Inside extremely clean.


Here is a richly overflowing collection of the stories and sidelights, facts and figures, as well as the men, machines and malt behind one of the last century's greatest romances - between modern science and the traditional art of making beer. This special limited edition is a complete reprint (1974) of the mammoth 718-page volume originally published in 1903 by H. S. Rich & Co., of Chicago and New York.

The idea was conceived in 1901 when a trade journal, Western Brewer, decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its existence along with a similar anniversary marking the introduction of commercial refrigeration, an event of immense importance to today's wide-spread popularity of beer consumption. The book which resulted is a masterpiece of Germanic scholarship, reflecting the characteristic middle-European values of the new Americans who dominated the brewing industry. By compiling the materials for ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF BREWING, the editors of Western Brewer intended to " ... dispel certain misapprehensions which have long existed in some minds as to the character of the typical brewer and his moral attitude toward the business of his life. It may be asserted unhesitatingly that he believes in the manufacture of beer as an incentive to temperance, and that his constant aim is to put forth a beverage as pure and nourishing, and yet mildly stimulating, as can be procured by the use of the best materials and the most advanced methods and mechanisms." In support of this assertion they chose to " ... place the brewer and his beer before the world in their true light ... to prove that the most enlightened peoples of the earth are gradually abandoning the intoxicating distilled spirits in favor of the purer and more wholesome and less alcoholic malt liquors."

The retrospective reader can well appreciate the dilemma and subsequent disaster facing these men who had so much admiration for their product. They felt that beer offered a decent alternative to hard liquor in much the same manner as today's proponents of marijuana argue its value as an alternative to hard drugs. With a mixture of pride and a dark anticipation of their unjust persecution by the temperance movement the brewers presented their case to the American public. Sadly, in less than two decades a refreshing glass of beer would become a stolen pleasure.

Everywhere in this book one finds men who were truly in love with their occupation. Many of the names are still well known: Peter Ballantine of Newark, Christian Schmidt of Philadelphia, Adolphus Busch of St. Louis, Fred Pabst and Joseph Schlitz of Milwaukee, John Labatt of Ontario, Frederick Schaefer of New York City, Theodore Hamm of St. Paul and hundreds more ... including Matthew Vassar of Poughkeepsie, New York. Equally fascinating are the introductory passages on brewing during pre-historic, ancient and medieval times; the 19th century's revolutionary use of power sources, labor-saving machinery and refrigeration; carefully reproduced details of brewery architecture and construction; comprehensive descriptions of the various processes involving fermentation, malting, mashing, boiling, hopping, cooling, racking and bottling; plus a history of the industry in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Great Britain, Europe and Japan.




  • Beer in Prehistoric Times 4
  • Beverages of the Ancients 6
  • The Beer of Pre-medieval Times 11
  • Beer in Medieval Times — Beer and the Convents 15
  • Beer in Later Medieval Times 27


  • Beer and Beverages in General 42
  • Scientific Reminiscences 45
  • The Brewing Materials 50
  • The Malting Process 58
  • The Mashing Process 76
  • Boiling, Hopping and Cooling the Wort 87
  • The Fermentation Process 95
  • Racking and Bottling 105
  • Brewery Vessels and Their Management 115
  • Refrigeration in the Brewery 121
  • Brewery Architecture and Engineering 135
  • Brewing Literature and Scientific Research 148




  • Origin and Progress of the Industry in the Old Colonies
  • Pioneer Brewers and Breweries of the Middle and Southern Colonies 169
  • Brewing in New England During the Colonial Period 179
  • Growth of the Brewing Industry from Revolutionary Times to 1840 182
  • Progress of the General Industry and Rise of Lager Beer Brewing, 1840 to 1850 207
  • An Important Epoch — The Decade Prior to the Civil War 254
  • Progress of the Industry from 1862 to 1875, inclusive 365
  • Progress of the Industry from 1876 to 1902, inclusive 448
  • U. S. Brewers Association and National System of Internal Revenue
  • United States Brewmasters Association 575
  • History of the Malting Industry of the United States 579
  • Barley and Malt Statistics of the United States, 1850-1901 604
  • Statistical Review of Malt Liquors, Including Internal Revenue Receipts, 1863-1901 606
  • Nature of the United States Governmental Regulations 614


  • Statistics of the Trade in General — Breweries of the Province of Quebec 6i8
  • Breweries and Malt-houses in the Province of Ontario 623
  • The Breweries of the Dominion of Canada, excepting Ontario and Quebec 632


  • Mexican Brewing and Breweries 636
  • The Brewing Industry in Central America and the West Indies 641
  • South American Brewing and Breweries 642


  • Brewing in Great Britain and Ireland 647
  • Brewing in the British Colonies 667


  • Brewing in Germany 675
  • Brewing Industry of Austria-Hungary 692
  • Brewing in Belgium and Holland 697
  • Brewing in the Republic of France 700
  • The Brewing Industry of Russia 703
  • The Brewing Industry of Scandinavia 707
  • Brewing in Switzerland and Southern Europe 711


  • The Brewing Industry of Japan 713-715


  • Brewing Statistics of the World 716-718


Adams, Samuel Adams, Mass.
"Ale Stake" Sign
John R. Alley, Boston, Mass.
Alsopp's Brewery, Burton-on-Trent, England
Caspar Althen, Elgin, Ill.
Philip Altpeter, Milwaukee, Wisc.
American Brewing Company premises, St. Louis, Mo.
Ancient Arms of the Brewers Company, London
Ancient Brewers' Tools
James Anderton, Beaver Falls, Penna.
Charles Andre, Newark, Ohio
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association, St. Louis, Mo., view of Brew-house
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association, St. Louis, Mo., premises of
Eberhard Anheuser, St. Louis, Mo.
Anheuser (E.) & Company Brewery, St. Louis, Mo., 1866
Apostles' House, Barclay, Perkins & Co. Brewery, London
Arctic Refrigerating Machine, Section of
Aspen (Colo.) Brewery
Augusta Brewing Company, Augusta, Geo.
Baehr Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, View of
Baer & Stegmaier's Old Brewery, Wilkesbarre, Penna.
Ballantine Breweries, Premises, Newark, N.J.
Ballantine Ammonia Compressor, View of
Jacob Baltz, Philadelphia, Penna.
Peter Baltz, Philadelphia, Penna.
John Barbey, Reading, Penna.
Peter Barbey, Reading, Penna.
Barbey (Peter) Brewery, Reading, Penna., 1867
Barbey (Peter) & Son Premises, Reading, Penna.
Barclay, Perkins & Co. Anchor Brewery, London, view in 1840
James Barkley, Baltimore, Md.
Barnett & Record Company's Tile Elevator at Pabst Brewery
Bartels Brewing Company's Premises, Edwardsdale, Penna.
Bartels Brewing Company's Premises, Syracuse, N.Y.
Gustav A. Barth, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.
Bartholomae & Leicht Brewery (United States Brewing Company Branch 2), Chicago, Ill.
Bartholomae & Roesing Brewing and Malting Company Premises, Chicago, Ill.
Bass Breweries Trade-mark
Bass' Residence and Brewing Premises, Burton-on-Trent, in 1834
John C. Bauer, San Francisco, Calif.
Bauernschmidt (Geo.) Brewery, Baltimore, Md.
Carl Baumann, Newark, N.J.
Bay View Brewery, Baltimore, Md.
Beadleston & Woerz Brewery, N.Y. City, 1846
Beadleston & Woerz Brewery Site (State Prison), 1814
Geo. Bechtel, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.
Geo. Bechtel Jr., Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.
John Bechtel, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.
Bechtel Brewery, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.
Bechtel (George) Brewing Company, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.(group)
Becker Brewing and Malting Company, premises, Ogden, Ut.
Becker (E.) Brewing Company Plant, Lancaster, Ohio
Beckman Brewery, Kankakee, Ill.
Beekman Mansion, N.Y. City
Beer Carriers (seventeenth century)
Beer Storage (Modern) with Ice
Beer Storage with Ice (overground)
Bellingham Bay Brewery, Whatcom, Wash.
H.V. Bemis, Chicago, Ill.
Benedictine Society Plant, Latrobe, Penna.
Benedictine Society Brewery, Latrobe, Penna.
John Benz, Pittsburgh, Penna.
Bergbrauerei Actien Gesellschaft, Stendal, Germany, View of
Bergdoll Brewery, Philadelphia, Penna.1854
Louis Bergdoll, Philadelphia, Penna.
Berghoff Brewing Company's Premises, Fort Wayne, Ind.
C.W. Bergner, Philadelphia, Penna.
Bergner (Gustavus) Brewery, Philadelphia, 1857
Gustavus Bergner, Philadelphia, Penna.
Bermes (Daniel) Boulevard Brewery, Weehawken, Town of Union, N.J.
Emanuel Bernheimer, N.Y. City
Bernheimer & Schmid (Lion Brewery) Premises, N.Y. City, 1862
William Besley, Waukegan, Ill.
Jacob Best, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Philip Best, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Best's (Jacob) Old Brewery, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Beverwyck Brewing Company, Albany, N.Y.
Jacob Birk, Chicago, Ill.
S. Birkenhauer, Newark, N.J.
C. Birkhofer, Minneapolis, Minn.
Valentin Blatz, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Blatz (Val.) Brewery, Milwaukee, Wisc., 1865
Blatz (Val.) Brewing Company Premises, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Boardley's Family Brewing Vessel
Bohemian Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, View of
George A. Bohrer, Lafayette, Ind.
Bohrer (George A.) Brewery, Lafayette, Ind., 1876
Joseph Bolton, Lansingburg, N.Y.
Conrad Born Sr., Columbus, Ohio
Christian Boss, Cincinnati, Ohio
Boswell & Brother, Quebec, Old vault under brewery of
Boswell & Brother's Brewery, Quebec, Canada
Hon. George S. Boutwell, first commissioner of internal revenue
Bowler Brothers' Old Brewery, Worcester, Mass.
Boyle Ammonia Compressor (original pattern)
David Boyle, Chicago, Ill.
Boyle Machine (Modern) with compound tandem engine
Brand Brewing Company's Premises, Chicago, Ill.
Henry Brand, Toledo, Ohio
Michael Brand, Chicago, Ill.
Brand (Michael) Brewery (U.S. Brewing Company), Chicago, Ill.
Rudolf Brand, Chicago, Ill.
George Brehm, Baltimore, Md.
George Brehm & Son, Brewery Premises, Baltimore, Md.
Henry A. Brehm, Baltimore, Md.
Brewers Hall, Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia, Penna.
Brewers Hall, London, banqueting hall doorway
Brewers Hall, London, courtyard view
Brewers Hall, London, Old kitchen of
Brewers Hall, London, staircase in
Brewery Token (City of Torgau), 1589
Brew-house Cellar (sixteenth century)
Brew-house Interior (seventeenth century)
Brew-house Interior (sixteenth century)
Brew-house Interior of (1813)
Brew-house of the Eighteenth Century, public
Eugene Britton, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Joseph Britton, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Franz Brogniez, Detroit, Mich.
Broihan Token
Lewis Brosemer, Oswego, N.Y.
Brosemer (L.) Brewing Company's Old Brewery, Oswego, N.Y.
Browar Parowry, Warsaw, Poland, Premises of
Bryggeri Actie Bolag, Viborg, Finland, Russia, Premises of
Bub's (Peter) "Sugar Loaf" Brewery and Residence, Winona, Minn.
Buffalo Compressor, Section of
Bullen (George) & Co., Chicago, Ill., malt-house premises
Bunker Hill Breweries, Charlestown (Boston), Mass., 1897
Bunker Hill Breweries, Charlestown (Boston), Mass., 1850
Charles Burger, Cincinnati, Ohio
Louis Burger, Cincinnati, Ohio
George J. Burkhardt, Boston, Mass.
Burnell (J.H.) & Co's Underground Cellar, San Francisco, Calif.
Adolphus Busch, St. Louis, Mo., steel plate factory
Busch & Brand Brewery, Chicago, Ill., 1854
John Carden, Chicago, Ill.
Sir John Carling, London, Ontario
Carlsberg Breweries (New), Copenhagen, Denmark
Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark
Carre Absorption Machine
Case Compressor, Section of
Charles L. Centlivre, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Centlivre Brewery, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Centlivre (C.L.) Brewing Company Premises, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Central Brewing Company's Officers (group), East St. Louis, Ill.
Central Brewing Company's Premises, East St. Louis, Ill.
Cerveceria Argentina, Quilmes, Argentine Republic, Premises of
Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc, Monterey, Mexico, brewery premises
Wm. H. Chapman, Cleveland, Ohio
Chicago Breweries, Ltd., McAvoy Brewery
Chicago Breweries, Ltd., Wacker & Birk Brewery
Chicago Brewery (United Breweries Company), Chicago, Ill.
Chicago's First Lager Beer Brewery, 1847 (John A. Huck, proprietor)
Cincinnati Brewing Company, Hamilton, Ohio
Citizens' Brewery (United Breweries Company), Chicago, Ill.
City Brewery, Chicago, Ill.
City (Buehler) Brewery, Steubenville, Ohio
City of Chicago Consolidated Brewing and Malting Company's Plants, Chicago, Ill.
W.K. Clarkson, Brooklyn, N.Y.
C.C. Clausen, N.Y. City
Henry Clausen, Jr., N.Y. City
Cleveland Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, View of
Cleveland and Sandusky Brewing Company (groups)
Coat of Arms of London Brewers Company
Colonial Ale House
Columbia Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, View of
Columbia Malting Company, Chicago, Ill., view of elevator and storage tanks
Columbia Malting Company, Chicago, Ill., view of kiln and drum house
Compania Cervecera Toluca y Mexico, S.A., brewery premises
Jacob Conrad, Philadelphia, Penna.
Conrad's (Jacob) Keystone State Brewery, Philadelphia, Penna., 1873
Conrad's (Jacob) Keystone State Brewery, Philadelphia, Penna.
Consumers Park Brewing Company, Brooklyn, N.Y.
John S. Cooke, Chicago, Ill.
Coors (Adolph) Brewery Premises, Golden, Colo., 1873
Coors (Adolph) Brewery Premises, Golden, Colo.
Cornell (John) Brewery, Toronto, Ontario, in 1847
L.J. Cosgrave, Toronto, Ontario
Patrick Cosgrave, Toronto, Ontario
Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England
Croton Brewery, N.Y. City
A.M. Curtiss, Buffalo, N.Y.
Charles G. Curtiss, Buffalo, N.Y.
Curtiss (Charles G.) Company, Buffalo, New York, premises
Davis (D.W.) Ice and Salt Refrigeration
Deckebach (F.C.) Sons Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, beer and ale cooler
Deckebach (F.C.) Sons Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, wort cooler
Degen Brewery, San Antonio, Texas, 1879
John C. De La Vergne, N.Y. City
De La Vergne - Mixer Compressor
De La Vergne - Mixer Modified Compressor
Frank Dick, Bucyrus, Ohio
A.F. Diehl, Defiance, Ohio
C. Diehl, Jr., Defiance, Ohio
C. Diehl, Sr., Defiance, Ohio
J.C. Diehl, Defiance, Ohio
Diehl Brewery, Defiance, Ohio, 1870
Diehl (Christ) Brewing Company Premises, Defiance, Ohio
Diehl Brewery, Kankakee, Ill.
Dobler Brewery, Albany, N.Y.(early sixties)
Dobler Brewing Company Premises, Albany, N.Y.
Dolling (Fritz) Brewery, Stockholm, Sweden, View of
Andrew J. Dotterwich, Dunkirk, N.Y.
Downs Brewery, Lockport, N.Y.
Anton Dreher, Vienna, Austria
Dreher's (Anton) Brewery, Budapest, Hungary, View of
Dreher's (Anton) Brewery, Budapest, Hungary, and Klein-Schwechat, Austria
Edward L. Drewry Brewery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Edward L. Drewry, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dubuque (Iowa) Brewing and Malting Company's Premises
Thomas M. Dukehart, Baltimore, Md.
Duluth (Minn.) Brewing and Malting Company's Premises
Dunlop Brewery Script, Albany, N.Y.
Duquesne Brewing Company Premises, Pittsburg, Penna.
Eagle Brewery (Caspar Althen), Elgin, Ill., in the seventies
Early Bottling Methods
Leo Elbert, Ironton, Ohio
Ebner (John) Brewery, Vincennes, Ind., 1858
George F. Eckart, Bridgeport, Conn.
Eckart Brothers Brewery Premises, Bridgeport, Conn.
Eckert-Lott Brewery (founded 1763), Reading, Penna.
Samuel Eckstein, West New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y.
Monroe Eckstein, West New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y.
Egyptian Barley Field (three illustrations)
Egyptian Granary (two illustrations)
George Ehret, N.Y. City
John Eichler, Brewery purchased in 1861 by
John Eichler, N.Y. City
Eichler (John) Brewery, N.Y. City, 1861
Eichler (John) Brewing Company, N.Y. City (group)
Ernst Eilert, Fresno, Calif.
Marcellus Eldredge, Portsmouth, N.H.
Electrical Power in the Brewery (Bullock Electric Motors)
Elgin Eagle Brewing Company's Plant, Elgin, Ill.
Henry Elias, N.Y. City
Wm. J. Elias, N.Y. City
Elias (Henry) Brewing Company, N.Y. City (group)
E.H. Elzemeyer, East St. Louis, Ill.
John Emmerling, Johnstown, Penna.
Charles Engel, Philadelphia, Penna.
Engel & Wolf's Lager Beer Brewery in the "Fifties," Philadelphia, Penna.
English Mashing Apparatus (eighteenth century)
Thomas Dunn English, N.Y. City
Enright's Ammoniacal Gas Pump, Section of
George Enzer, Philadelphia, Penna.
Leonhard Eppig, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Erhardt & Schimke Brewery, Massillon, Ohio, 1887
Evans Brewery (Original), Hudson, New York, 1786
Henry Evans, Burton-on-Trent, England
Robert W. Evans, Hudson, N.Y.
Frank Fehr, Louisville, Ky.
Chas. Fehrenbach, Wilmington, Del.
John Fehrenbach, Wilmington, Del.
J.G. Fehrenbach, Wilmington, Del.
Frederick Feil, Philadelphia, Penna.
Filling Beer Casks (seventeenth century)
Henry Fink, Harrisburg, Penna.
Theodore Finkenauer, Philadelphia, Penna.
William J. Finlay, Toledo, Ohio
William J. Finlay, Sr., Toledo, Ohio
Finlays Brewing Company's Premises, Toledo, Ohio
Simon Fishel, Cleveland, Ohio
Albert Fisher, Salt Lake City, Ut.
Fisher (A.) Brewery, Salt Lake City, Ut., 1885
Fisher (A.) Brewing Company's Premises, Salt Lake City, Ut.
Fitger (A.) & Co., Duluth, Minn.
Fitzgerald Brothers Brewing Company Premises, Troy, N.Y.
John Fortune, Chicago, Ill.
Peter Fortune, Chicago, Ill.
Fort Wrangel (Alaska) Brewery
Fourteenth Annual Brewers (U.S.B.A.) Convention, Boston, Mass., 1874 (delegates)
Fraunces Tavern, N.Y. City (built 1730), exterior and interior views
Fredericksburg Brewery (old), San Jose, Calif.
George Frey, Erie, Penna.
Frick Compressor, Section of
Frontspiece, Part I (The Brewers)
Frontspiece, Part II (Goddess of Plenty)
Frontspiece, Part III (U.S. Coat of Arms)
Galland-Henning Pneumatic Kiln, Section of
Galland-Henning Pneumatic Malting Drum
Galland-Henning Pneumatic Malt-house (sectional views)
Nicholas Galland
Galland's Box System of Malting (2 views)
John Gardiner, Philadelphia, Penna.
John Gardiner, Jr., Philadelphia, Penna.
Gehring (C.E.) Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, View of
Geographical Distribution of Beermaking People in Pre-medieval Times
German-American Brewery, Buffalo, 1885 (Main street view)
German-American Brewery, Buffalo, N.Y.
Giesler Dumping Kiln Floor (sectional view)
Gillig (George) Brewery, N.Y. City, 1857
Glab Brewery, Dubuque, Iowa, 1860
Globe Brewery, Baltimore, Md.
Globe Brewery Vaults (built 1744), Baltimore, Md.
Gluek Brewery, Minneapolis, Minn., 1875
Gluek Brewing Company Premises, Minneapolis, Minn.
Goetz & Flodin Dumping Kiln Floor (sectional view)
M.K. Goetz, St. Joseph, Mo.
Goetz (M.K.) & Co.'s Brewery, St. Joseph, Mo., 1879
Matheus Gottfried, Chicago, Ill.
Gottfried Brewing Company Premises, Chicago, Ill.
Fred H. Gottlieb, Baltimore, Md.
Gottlieb-Bauernschmidt-Straus Office Building
Gottlieb-Bauernschmidt-Straus Brewing Company Officers, Baltimore, Md.
Gottlieb-Bauernschmidt-Straus Brewing Company's Plants, Baltimore, Md.
Conrad Graf, Iowa City, Iowa
Santiago Graf, Toluca, Mexico
Grand Rapids (Mich.) Brewing Company's Premises
S.W. Granger, Hudson, N.Y.
Wm. Granger, Hudson, N.Y.
Granger Brewing Company's Premises, Hudson, N.Y.
Granger & Gregg's Brewery, Hudson, New York, in 1859
Grasser & Brand Brewing Company Premises, Toledo, Ohio
Robert H. Graupner, Harrisburg, Penna.
Great Seal of the Province of N.Y.
John Greenway, Syracuse, N.Y.
Old Greiner Brewery (Madison Brewing Co.), Madison, Ind.
August Griesedieck, East St. Louis, Ill.
H.L. Griesedieck, East St. Louis, Ill.
Paul H. Griesedieck, East St. Louis, Ill.
Groined Arch Cellar Entrance, Moravian Brewery
Arthur Guinness Son & Co., Ltd., Ground plan brewery of
Gund Brewing Company Premises, Cleveland, Ohio
George F. Gund, Cleveland, Ohio
Henry Gund, La Crosse, Wisc.
John Gund, La Crosse, Wisc.
Gund (John) Brewing Company Premises, La Crosse, Wisc.
Gund (John) Brewing Company Premises, La Crosse, Wisc., 1873
Haberbusch & Schiele, Warsaw, Poland, Brewery Premises of
Eugene Hack, Vincennes, Ind.
Hack & Simon Brewery Premises, Vincennes, Ind.
John Haffen, N.Y. City
John M. Haffen, N.Y. City
Mathias Haffen, N.Y. City
Mathias Haffen, Jr., N.Y. City
Haffen (J. & M.) Brewing Company, N.Y. City (group)
Henry F. Hagermeister, Green Bay, Wisc.
Franz H. Hagermeister, Green Bay, Wisc.
Theodore Hamm, St. Paul, Minn.
Edw. Hanitzsch, N.Y. City
James Hanley, Providence, R.I.
Dr. Emil Chr. Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Harrisburg (Penna.) Consumers Brewing and Bottling Company, Premises
Harrison Ether Machine, table pattern
James Harrison, Australia
John Hartmann, Wilmington, Del.
John G. Hartmann, Wilmington, Del.
Hartmann & Fehrenbach Brewing Company Premises, Wilmington, Del.
Hartmann & Fehrenbach Original Brewery, Wilmington, Del.
Harvard Brewing Company Premises, Lowell, Mass.
John Hauck, Cincinnati, Ohio
John Hauenstein, New Ulm, Minn.
Hauenstein Brewery, New Ulm, Minn., after cyclone of 1881
Hauenstein (John) Brewing Company Premises, New Ulm, Minn.
Hauenstein's Old Brewery, New Ulm, Minn.
Hauser & Schemm Brewery, Philadelphia, Penna., 1856
Paul Hauser, St. Paul, Minn.
Joseph Hausmann, Madison, Wisc.
Heeb Brewery, Dubuque, Iowa, 1855
Ferdinand Heim, Kansas City, Mo.
John C. Heintz, N.Y. City
Louis J. Heintz, N.Y. City
Theodore R. Helb, York, Penna.
Theodore R. Helb Brewery, York, Penna., Premises
John Henes, Menominee, Mich.
Christian Henning, Mendota, Ill.
Henning (C.) Brewery, Mendota, Ill., 1879
Joseph Hensler, Newark, N.J.
George M. Herancourt, Cincinnati, Ohio
Christian Heurich, Wash., D.C.
Heurich's (Christian) Brewery Premises, Wash., D.C. (rebuilding of)
Heurich's (Christian) Brewery Premises, Wash., D.C.
Heurich's (Christian) Brewery Premises, Wash., D.C., 1881
Highland Brewing Company Premises, Highland, Ill.
Hildebrand, Justus, Pfungstadt, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Hinckel's Old Brewery, Albany, 1857
John L. Hoerber, Chicago, Ill.
Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Views of new
Jacob Hoffmann, N.Y. City
Philip Hoffmann, N.Y. City
Wm. Hoffmann, N.Y. City
Hoffmann (Jacob) Brewing Company, N.Y. City (group)
Thomas Holliday, Guelph, Ontario
W.B. Holloway, Brookline, Mass.
Hop Gathering
Hop Training
Hop Tying
Louis Hoster, Columbus, Ohio
Hoster (L.) Brewing Company Plant, Columbus, Ohio
A.J. Houghton, Boston, Mass.
Howard & Fuller Brewery Premises, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Hruby Malting Drum (2 views)
Ignatz Huber, Rock Island, Ill.
Otto Huber, Jr., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Otto Huber, Sr., Brooklyn, N.Y.
John A. Huck, Chicago, Ill.
Huck's (John A.) Brewery, Chicago, Ill., 1871
Huck's (John A.) lager beer brewery, Chicago, Ill., 1840
Huck (L.C.) Malting Company, Chicago, Ill., malt-house premises
John Huebner, Toledo, Ohio
Huebner Brewing Company's Premises, Toledo, Ohio
W.W. Hughes, Philadelphia, Penna.
Ernst Hummel, Chicago, Ill.
Im Klosterbrau (from painting by Ed. Grutzner)
Ind. Brewing Association's Premises, Marion, Ind.
Intendant's Palace, Quebec, Canada
Jacob C. Jacobsen, Carlsberg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Frank Jones, Portsmouth, N.H.
John Joyce, Boston, Mass.
Philipp Jung, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Magdalena Junk, Chicago, Ill.
F.X. Kaltenbach, Buffalo, N.Y.
John Kam, Sr., Buffalo, N.Y.
John N. Katzenmayer, N.Y. City
Richard Katzenmayer, N.Y. City
Moses Kendall, Sioux Falls, S.D.
John Kazmaier, Altoona, Penna.
Michael Keeley, Chicago, Ill.
N.W. Kendall, New Haven, Conn.
James W. Kenney, Boston, Mass.
Nicholas Kessler, Helena, Mont.
Keystone Brewery (Theo. R. Helb, proprietor), York, Penna.
Kindsvater & Mall Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, 1860
Edward Kistner, Cincinnati, Ohio
Louis F. Knipp, Janesville, Wisc.
Henry Koehler, Davenport, Iowa
Oscar C. Koehler, Davenport, Iowa
Koenig Brewery, Harrisburg, Penna.
Fred Krahenberg, San Jose, Calif.
Julius A. Kremer, Newark, Ohio
Fred W. Kroehle, N.Y. City
Gottfried Krueger, Newark, N.J.
Gottfried C. Krueger, Newark, N.J.
John F. Krueger, Newark, N.J.
Gottfried Krueger, Newark, N.J., 1865
Krueger (Gottfried) Brewing Company, Newark, N.J. (group)
Fred Krug, Omaha, Neb.
Krug (Fred) Brewing Company Premises, Omaha, Neb.
Kuebeler Brewery, Sanduskt, Ohio, View of
Jacob Kuebeler, Cleveland, Ohio
Robert M. Kuerze, Cincinnati, Ohio
Kusterer (C.) Brewery (old), Grand Rapids, Mich.
John Labatt, London, Ontario
Herman Lackman, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gerhard Lang, Buffalo, N.Y.
Franklin P. Lauer, Reading, Penna.
Frederick Lauer, Reading, Penna.
Frederick Lauer, Reading, Penna., Bronze statue of
George F. Lauer, Reading, Penna.
Lauer's Brewery No. 1, Reading, Penna., 1826
Lauer's Brewery No. 2, Reading, Penna., 1866
Lauer's Breweries Nos. 1 and 2, Reading, Penna., 1900
Mathew Leavy, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Leavy & Britton Brewing Company, Brooklyn, N.Y.(group)
Ledger Pages of Albany Brewing Company, Albany, N.Y.
Thies J. Lefens, Chicago, Ill.
Andrew Leicht, Hudson City (Jersey City), N.J.
John M. Leicht, Cleveland, Ohio
Jacob Leisen, Menominee, Mich.
Lembeck & Betz Eagle Brewing Co., office and stables, Jersey City
Lembeck & Betz Eagle Brewing Co. Premises, Jersey City, N.J.
Lemp's (J. Adam) Original Twelve-barrel Lager Beer Kettle, St. Louis, Mo.
Lemp's (J. Adam) Original Office and Brewhouse, St. Louis, Mo.
Lemp's (J. Adam) Original Cellar House, St. Louis, Mo.
Levesque's Improved Plan for Brew-house, 1853
Moriz Levinger, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Lexington (Ky.) Brewing Company's Premises
Lill & Diversey's Brewery, Chicago, Ill.
Charles A. Linser, Zanesville, Ohio
Simon Linser, Jr., Zanesville, Ohio
Simon Linser, Sr., Zanesville, Ohio
Linser (Simon) Brewing Company, Zanesville, Ohio (group)
Henry J. Lippe, N.Y. City
Lloyd & Keys Old Ale Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, 1860
Lock City Brewery, Lockport, N.Y.
Loco Bottle Cleaner (Loew Supply & Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio)
Loco Germicider (Loew Supply & Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio)
George Loewer, N.Y. City
Jacob Loewer, N.Y. City
Valentin Loewer, N.Y. City
Loewer's (V.) Gambrinus Brewery Company, N.Y. City (group)
Loewer's (V.) Gambrinus Brewery Company Premises, N.Y. City
Anton Lutz, Allegheny, Penna.
Damas Lutz, Allegheny, Penna.
A.S. Lyons, Mobile, Ala.
Christian Magnus, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Malt Kiln, patented in 1796
George Manger, Philadelphia, Penna.
Manitowoc (Wisc.) Malting Co., Malt-house premises
Mash-tub, Primitive
Mass. Distillery and Brewery Advertisement (1800)
William Massey, Philadelphia, Penna.
Mathie (Frank) Brewery, Wausau, Wisc., 1869
Mathie Brewing Company Premises, Wausau, Wisc.
Mattes Brewery (old), Nebraska City, Neb.
Mayer's (A.) Brewery, Terre Haute, Ind., 1870
McAvoy Brewing Company Premises (Chicago Breweries Limited), Chicago, Ill.
John D. McKechnie, Canandaigua, N.Y.
Medieval Cellarer
Medieval Tavernkeeper
Medieval Tavern Sign
Metz Brothers Brewing Company Premises, Omaha, Neb.
Metz Brothers Old Brewery, Omaha, Neb.
Frederick Metz, Omaha, Neb.
George J. Meyer, Buffalo, N.Y.
Henry Meyer, Bloomington, Ill.
William A. Miles, N.Y. City
Fred Miller, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Minneapolis (Minn.) Brewing Company's Premises
Mobile (Ala.) Brewing Company's Premises
Model Brewery of 1876, Section and ground plan
Modern Brewery (from plans by Louis Lehle, Chicago, Ill.), front elevation and section
Modern Brewery (from plans by Louis Lehle, Chicago, Ill.), ground plan and brewery premises
Christian Moerlein, Cincinnati, Ohio
James Moffat, Buffalo, N.Y.
John H.R. Molson, Montreal, Canada
Molter, Nicholas, Providence, R.I.
Molter's (Henry T.) Brewery, Providence, R.I.
Monarch Brewery (United Breweries Company), Chicago, Ill.
Monkish Cellarer
Monroe Brewing Company's Premises, Rochester, N.Y.
Moravian Brewery (erected 1749), near Bethlehem, Penna.
Morris' (Anthony) First Brew-house, Philadelphia, Penna.
Morris' (Anthony) Second Brew-house, Dock and Pear streets, Philadelphia, Penna.
Ernst Mueller, Cleveland, Ohio
Muench (Ferdinand) Brewery, Brooklyn, New York, 1880
Gottlieb Muhlhauser, Cincinnati, Ohio
Municipal Brewery of Nurnberg, View of ancient
Munich Hofbrauhaus, Views of new
Munich Mashing Oar
Muskegon (Mich.) Brewing Company Plant, 1876
Muskegon (Mich.) Brewing Company Premises
Nashville (Tenn.) Brewery (old)
National Brewery, Baltimore, Md.
National Pasteurizing Machine (Barry-Wehmiller Machine Company), St. Louis, Mo.
New Amsterdam in Kieft's Time
New Netherland Seal
M.N. Nolan, Albany, N.Y.
Charles P. Noll, Lancaster, Ohio
Peter Noll, Cincinnati, Ohio
North-Western Brewery (United Breweries Company), Chicago, Ill.
North-Western Brewery No. 2 (United Breweries Company), Chicago, Ill.
Norton (T.M.) Brewery, Anderson, Ind., 1866
Norton (T.M.) Brewing Company Premises, Anderson, Ind.
Nurnberg Hop Market
Nurnberg, View of ancient municipal brewery of
George J. Obermann, Baltimore, Md.
Victor Oberting, Lawrenceburg, Ind.
O'Keefe Brewery Company of Toronto, Ltd., present premises
O'Keefe Brewery, Toronto, Ontario, in 1846
E. O'Keefe, Toronto, Ontario
Old Brewery, N.Y. City, 1792
William B. Ogden, Chicago, Ill.
Oldest Stationary Steam Engine in America (at Perot's Malt-house, Philadelphia)
Old-fashioned Attemperator
Old-time Cooperage, in Brewery of Monastery, Germany
Orange (N.J.) Brewing Company Premises
Orth's (John) First Brewery, Minneapolis, Minn.
Adam Ortseifen, Chicago, Ill.
Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Modern storage elevator of
Pabst Brewing Company Plant, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Fred Pabst, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Jonathan Peacock, Rockford, Ill.
Louis Pasteur, Paris, France
William Penna
Penna's Brew-house, Philadelphia
Perfection Bottle Soaking and Sterilizing Machine (Vilter Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wisc.)
Perkins Ice Machine, Sectional view of
Jacob Perkins, Inventor
Francis Perot, Philadelphia
T. Morris Perot, Philadelphia
Perot's (Francis) Sons Malting Company's Malt-house, Philadelphia
Perot's (Francis) Sons Malting Company's Oswego Malt-house and Elevator
Perot Malt-house (old), Second, Cherry and Bread streets, Philadelphia
M.H. Pettit, Kenosha, Wisc.
Jacob Pfaff, Boston, Mass.
Philadelphia Delegates to U.S.B.A., Cleveland (Ohio) Convention, 1873
Phoenix Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, View of
Pictet's SO2 Ice Machine, section and plan
Piqua (Ohio) Malt Co., premises
Robert Portner, Alexandria, Va.
Portsmouth (Ohio) Brewing and Ice Company Premises, 1843
Poth (F.A.) Brewery Premises, Philadelphia, Penna., 1875
Poth (F.A.) & Sons Brewery Premises, Philadelphia, Penna.
Primitive English Boiler
Primitive English Wort Cooler
Primitive Fermenting-tub
Primitive Mashing Utensils
Primitive Mash-tub
Public Brew-house (eighteenth century)
Quinn & Nolan Ale Brewing Company Plant, Albany, N.Y.
F.D. Radeke, Kankakee, Ill.
Radeke (F.D.) Brewery, Kankakee, Ill., 1884
Radeke (F.D.) Brewing Company Premises, Kankakee, Ill.
William Rahr, Manitowoc, Wisc.
Herman Raub, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Redwood Brewery and Maltings, Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1902
Redwood Brewery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1877
Refrigerated Fermenting Cellar (Dreher Brewery)
Jacob Rehm, Chicago, Ill.
George Reif, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Frank Reisch, Jr., Springfield, Ill.
Frank Reisch, Sr., Springfield, Ill.
George J. Renner, Akron, Ohio
George J. Renner, Jr., Youngstown, Ohio
Renner (George J., Jr.) Brewery Premises, Youngstown, Ohio
Renner & Weber Brewery Premises, Mansfield, Ohio
Renner & Weber's Original Brewery, Mansfield, Ohio
F.A. Rettig, Wabash, Ind.
Richardson's Saccharometer
Geo. Rochevot, Buffalo, N.Y.
Roemmelt & Leicht Brewery Premises, Jersey City, N.J., 1858
Roessle Brewery, Boston, Mass.
Rubsam & Horrmann's Old Brewery, Stapleton, S.I., N.Y.
Wm. Ruehl, Chicago, Ill.
Ruehl Brewery (United Breweries Company), Chicago, Ill.
Ruehl Brothers Brewing Company's Premises, Chicago, Ill.
Henry H. Rueter, Boston, Mass.
Caspar Ruff, Quincy, Ill.
Ruff's "Auto-positive" Absorption Pasteurizer
Jacob Ruppert, N.Y. City
St. Gallen Convent, Germany (ground plan of brewery and bakery)
St. James' Gate Brewery, Dublin (Arthur Guinness, Son & Co., Ltd.)
St. Louis Model Pasteurizing and Bottle Soaking Apparatus
Jules Alphonse Saladin, Nancy, France
Saladin-Prinz System, longitudinal section malt-house
Saladin (William) Brewery, Chicago, Ill.
Salmon Brewery, Madison, Ind., 1823
San Antonio (Texas) Brewing Association, 1883
Sapporo Brewery, Sapporo, Japan, View of
Frederick Schaefer, N.Y. City
Hermann B. Scharmann, Brooklyn, N.Y.
August Schell, New Ulm, Minn.
Schell (August) Brewery, 1881, New Ulm, Minn.
Schell (August) Brewery Premises, New Ulm, Minn.
George C. Schemm, Saginaw, Mich.
Peter Schemm, Philadelphia, Penna.
Peter A. Schemm, Philadelphia, Penna.
Schemm's (J.G.) Brewery, Saginaw, Mich., 1866
Schemm (Peter) & Son Brewery Premises, Philadelphia, Penna.
Philipp Schillinger, Birmingham, Ala.
Jos. Schlitz, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Augustus Schmid, N.Y. City
Schmidt (Christian) Brewery, Philadelphia, Penna., 1863
Christian Schmidt, Philadelphia, Penna.
Edward A. Schmidt, Philadelphia, Penna.
K.G. Schmidt, Chicago, Ill.
Schmidt (K.G.) Brewery (U.S. Brewing Co.), Chicago, Ill.
Schmidt (Jacob) Brewing Company Premises, St. Paul, Minn.
Dr. Adam Emil Schmitt, N.Y. City
Geo. Schmitt, Jr., N.Y. City
Geo. Schmitt, Sr., N.Y. City
Wm. P. Schmitt, N.Y. City
Schmitt & Schwanenfluegel Central Park Brewery, N.Y. City
Schmitt & Schwanenfluegel (Central Park Brewery) Officers (group)
Schmitt & Schwanenfluegel Brewery Rock Vaults
Schmulbach Brewing Company's Premises, Wheeling, W.V.
Schnell, Wash., DC
Schoenhofen Brewery, Chicago, Ill., 1867
Peter Schoenhofen, Chicago, Ill.
Schoenhofen (Peter) Brewing Company Premises, Chicago, Ill.
Martin J. Schott, Highland, Ill.
Herman Schreier, Sheboygan, Wisc.
F.W. Schuster, Rochester, Minn.
Henry Schuster, Rochester, Minn.
Henry Schuster, Sr., Rochester, Minn.
Schuster Brewery, Rochester, Minn., 1864
Schuster's Brewing Company's Premises, Rochester, Minn.
Schuster's Brewing Company's Premises, Massillon, Ohio
Peter Schwab, Hamilton, Ohio
Brutus von Schwanenfluegel, N.Y. City
Louis von Schwanenfluegel, N.Y. City
Schwarzenbach Brewery, Germania, Penna., 1880
Scotch Turning Cross (Spargar)
Sedlmayr, "Brauerei zum Spaten," group of officials
Gabrial Sedlmayr, Munich
Fred Sehring, Joliet, Ill.
Sehring (Fred) Brewing Company Premises, Joliet, Ill.
Sehring (Fred) Brewery, Joliet, Ill.
Conrad Seipp, Chicago, Ill.
Seipp (Conrad) Brewery, Chicago, Ill.
Seipp & Lehmann's Brewery, Chicago, Ill., 1870
Frederick Seitz, Easton, Penna.
Michael Seitz, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Nicholas Seitz, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Sels (F.C.) Brewery, Canyon City, Ore., 1871
Seventeenth Annual Convention (U.S.B.A.) Milwaukee, Wisc., 1877 (double page engraving)
John Severn
H. Shlaudeman, Decatur, Ill.
Siebel's Racking Apparatus
Michael Sieben, Chicago, Ill.
Sieben Brewery (United Breweries Company), Chicago, Ill.
Jacob Siegel, N.Y. City
Jacob Siegel (Deceased), N.Y. City
Anton Simon, Vincennes, Ind.
Sioux Falls (Dakota) Brewing and Malting Company Premises, 1876
Sioux Falls (Dakota) Brewing and Malting Company (officers)
Sioux Falls (Dakota) Brewing and Malting Company Premises
Sixteenth Century Cooperage
John M. Smith, Philadelphia, Penna.
Smith (Robert) Ale Brewing Company, Philadelphia, Present premises of
Smith (Robert) Ale Brewing Company, Philadelphia, view of old brewery
William S. Sohn, Cincinnati, Ohio
South African Breweries, Ltd., view of new brewery near Capetown, S.A.
South Chicago Brewery (United Breweries Company), Chicago, Ill.
Stadt Huys, New Amsterdam
Stahl's Brewery, Walla Walla, Wash., 1884
Standard Brewing Company's Premises, Mankato, Minn.
Stang Brewery, Sandusky, Ohio, View of
Star Brewery, Cleveland, Ohio, View of
Star Brewery Company Premises (1870), Belleville, Ill.
Star Brewery Company Premises (Present), Belleville, Ill.
Charles Stegmaier, Wilkesbarre, Penna.
Alexander Stein, N.Y. City
Conrad Stein, N.Y. City
Conrad Stein (Deceased), N.Y. City
Stein's (Conrad) Sons, N.Y. City (group)
Edw. W. Stiefel, Baltimore, Md.
Charles G. Stifel, St. Louis, Mo.
Harry J. Stoeckle, Wilmington, Del.
Joseph Stoeckle, Wilmington, Del.
Stoeckle (Joseph) Brewing Company's Premises, Wilmington, Del.
Stoeckle (Original) Brewery, Wilmington, Del.
Storage Elevator - Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Storz Brewing Company Premises, Omaha, Neb.
Gottlieb Storz, Omaha, Neb.
Carl A. Strangmann, Buffalo, N.Y.
John N. Straub, Pittsburg, Penna.
Jos. H. Straus, Baltimore, Md.
Levi Straus, Baltimore, Md.
Bernhard Stroh, Detroit, Mich.
Stroh Brewery Company Premises, Detroit, Mich.
Peter Stuyvesant
Stuyvesant Inspecting Taverns
Charles E. Succop, Pittsburg, Penna.
Sugar Loaf Brewery, Winona, Minn., 1862
Swan Brewery Company, Ltd., Perth, Western Australia, Premises of
John Taylor, Albany, N.Y.
Joseph Theurer, Chicago, Ill.
Gallus Thomann, N.Y. City
Mrs. Thrale, London, England
Tilden Pneumatic Malting Drum
George Tinker, St. Louis, Mo.
Thomas Todd, Galt, Ontario
Toepfer Dumping Kiln Floor (sectional view)
Triumph Compressor, Section of
Trommer (J.F.) Evergreen Brewery Premises, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Sir Benjamin Truman, London, England
Underground Cellarage
Underground Storage Cellar, with ice chambers
United Breweries Company, Chicago, Ill.
United States Brewing Company, Branch 1 (Michael Brand Brewery), Chicago, Ill.
United States Brewing Company, Branch 2 (Bartholomae & Leicht Brewery), Chicago, Ill.
United States Brewing Company, Branch 4 (K.G. Schmidt Brewery), Chicago, Ill.
United States Coat of Arms
Van Cortlandt Mansion, Kingsbridge, N.Y. City
William T. Van Nostrand, Bunker Hill Breweries, Charlestown, Boston, Mass.
Matthew Vassar, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Vent Bung
Victoria Brewery, Victoria, B.C., original plant
Vilter Compressor, Section of
Vogt Absorption System
Voigt Brewery, Madison, Wisc., 1863
E.W. Voigt, Detroit, Mich.
William Voigt, Detroit, Mich.
Voigt's (E.W.) Brewery, Detroit, Mich., 1870
Voigt Brewery Company Premises, Detroit, Mich.
Von der Horst (J.H.) Brewery, Baltimore, Md.
Charles J. Vopicka, Chicago, Ill.
Charles H. Wacker, Chicago, Ill.
Frederick Wacker, Chicago, Ill.
Wacker & Birk Brewing and Malting Company Premises, Chicago, Ill.
Edward J. Wagner, Sidney, Ohio
Henry Wagner, Sidney, Ohio
John Wagner, Sidney, Ohio
Louis F. Wagner, Sidney, Ohio
Wagner Sons (John) Brewery, Sidney, Ohio
Ellis Wainwright, St. Louis, Mo.
Charles J. Warner, N.Y. City
Henry Weber, Mansfield, Ohio
Paul Weidmann, Sr., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Henry Weinhard, Portland, Ore.
Ernest Weisberger, Lewiston,
Alfred Werthmueller, Burlington, Iowa
Jacob Weschler, Erie, Penna.
Westelaken Agitator for Pasteurizing Beer (John B. Adt, Baltimore, Md.)
West End Brewing Company Premises, Utica, N.Y.
West Side Brewery, Chicago, Ill.
John White, Buffalo, N.Y.
John G. White, Albany, N.Y.
George Wiedemann, Newport, Ky.
Wiedemann Brewery, Newport, Ky., 1870
Herman W. Wieland, San Francisco, Calif.
John Wieland, San Francisco, Calif.
Franz Windhausen, Braunschweig, Germany
Windhausen Ice Machine, side elevation
Charles C. Wolf, Philadelphia, Penna.
Joseph Wolf, Stillwater, Minn.
Wolf-Linde Compressor, section
Worcester (Mass.) Brewing Corporation, Premises of
Wort Cooler of the Past
Hon. John W. Yerkes, Ky., present U.S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Anthony Yoerg, St. Paul, Minn.
York Compressor, Section of
D.G. Yuengling, Pottsville, Penna.
Frank D. Yuengling, Pottsville, Penna.
Frederick G. Yuengling, Pottsville, Penna.
William G. Yuengling, Pottsville, Penna.
Yuengling Brewery, Pottsville, Penna., 1844
Yuengling (D.G.) & Son, Pottsville, Penna. (group)
Adolph J. Zang, Denver, Colo.
Philip Zang, Denver, Colo.
Zang (Ph.) Brewing Company Premises, Denver, Colo.
Zang (Ph.) "Rocky Mountain Brewery," Denver, Colo., 1873
Henry Zeltner, N.Y. City
Zibold & Hagelin Brewery, Atchison, Kan., 1879

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