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From Beer To Eternity: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Beer
By Will Anderson

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Publisher: Stephen Greene Press, 1987.
Soft Cover, 162 pages, 8.5 x 11.
Item #1105

Another great beer and brewery nostalgia book by Will Anderson -- perhaps one of his most under-rated. Its loaded with hundreds of photos and intriguing information about beer and breweries throughout America. Will's books often have a unique timeless quality, and this book is perhaps the most pronounced in that regard. The material is as fun and refreshing and educational as they day it was published.


• Acknowledgements
• Introduction
• What Is This Thing Called Beer?
• The Brewery That Died For Its Country
• Where Haave All The Breweries Gone?
• Why A Six-Pack?
• Four Beers To One...
• Albany Ale
• Other Budweisers
• Guiseppe Garibaldi: Patriot, Revolutionist, Solder, Brewer
• Beer Concoctions
• Names Will Never Hurt Me
• You Don't Have To Drink Beer To Be A Fatso
• Superlatives: Where Are They Now?
• There's Old...
• Yankee Stadium: The House That Ruppert Built
• Tribute To A Breweriaana Pioneer
• Mixed Up, Muddled Up
• Going To The Dogs
• Where Were You In 1829? Interview With Dick Yuengling
• Beer Flowed Like Beer: New Beer's Eve/New Beer's Day
• The Care And Feeding Of Beer Glasses
• The World's Largest Six-Pack
• Milwaukee: The City That Made Beer Famous
• Free Beer On Forty-Second Street
• Who'll Be New York's Favorite Girl? The Miss Rheingold Contest
• Those Other "Misses"
• Good Ale, Raw Onions, And No Ladies
• The Hamm's Man Of The Midwest ... And His Favorite Bear
• Just Having Fun Drinking Beer Game
• When Guinness Stout Was Brewed In The USA
• A Brewer, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker
• Bock Beer: It Used To Be A Big Deal
• The R&H Blimp
• Did You Hear What One Cockraoch Said To The Other?
• Bloomie's Best
• Who's King Of The Hill?
• The All-Time Beer Name Baseball Team
• Toast Of The Town
• Ale: A Dish Fit For A King
• The Brewing Fraternity: The Names You Love To Drink
• From Beer To Ballet
• Stout: Dark, Strong And Sweet
• Oh My Gosh, It's Miss Frothingslosh
• The Charge Of The Microbrewery Brigade
• Say, Buddy, Can You Spare $3.00?
• Breweriana
• Interview With Buffalo Bill Owens
• Holding A Beer Taste-Off
• Imports: Inching Up
• The Joy Of Home Brew
• What's On Tap?
• Beer Seer
• Doing It With Vitamins
• On The Importance Of The Bottle Cap
• Champagne Music For The Champagne Of Beer
• Malt Liquor: Its Got That Extra Zing
• Schmidting Pretty
• I See The Light, I See The Lite
• Do Your Part, Buy The Quart
• Pride Of Newark
• Near Beer: Beer That Really Isn't Beer
• From Caars To Carling's
• Will The Real Rheingold Please Stand Up?
• Pasteur: Doing His Thing In France
• Long Before There Was Budweiser
• On The Raging, And Ever-Engaging, Question Of Beer And Skittles
• When Beer Caans Came With "How To Open" Instructions
• How To Drink Beer
• Hops-In-The-Head Dubious Distinction Awards
• Porter: Pours Like Mud, Tastes Like Great
• Beer And Religion, Not Bad Bedfellows
• Lager: Its The Biggie Of American Beer
• What To Look For In A Bar
• Beerbusters
• The Bottle With The Blue Ribbon
• Interview With Fritz Maytag
• Mr. Budman
• The Mystery Of The 33
• On Loaning Money In St. Louis -- Or How Budweiser Came To Be
• Here A Brewery, There A Brewery

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