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American Handy-Book of the Brewing, Malting and Auxiliary Trades (1908), Two-Volume Set
By Robert Wahl and Max Henius

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Publisher: Wahl & Henius, Chicago, 1908.
Soft Cover, 1596 pages, 5x7 each.
Item #1593

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Here is a 1908 two-volume set of the American Handy-Book of the Brewing, Malting and Auxiliary Trades. The set comprises one of the most broad and indepth collections of information on brewing published in the pre-prohibition years. Written by venerable Chicago brewing chemists Robert Wahl and Max Henius, the two-volume set is basically an A-Z manual for the operation of a brewery, covering everything from raw ingredients to government regulations. The books' subtitle is, "A Book of Ready Reference for Persons Connected with the Brewing, Malting and Auxiliary Trades, Together with Tables, Formulas, Calculations, Bibliography and Dictionary of Technical Terms. Copiously Illustrated in Two Volumes."

Much smaller, single-volume editions were published in 1898 and 1901. But this is the much-enlarged 1908 two-volume set. In all, the volumes contain a total of 1,596 pages of brewing knowledge.

CONDITION: Both books have their original bindings and covers in extremely good condition. Guilt lettering on both spines is bright and strong. Only flaws are a couple of 1/4-inch tears at top of spine on each volume, but they really do not detract and are not readily noticable. The very few times that we have seen these volumes, the covers and spines are normally very badly damaged due to the shear thickness and weight of the books. But these two examples show none of that usual wear. Inside, paghes are lightly aged-toned, but otherwise extremely clean.


• Refrigeration
• Pumps
• Brewery Buildings
• Chemistry
• Brewing Materials
• Micro-Organisms
• Yeasts and Fermentation
• Pure Yeast Culture
• Malt House Outfit
• Maltings Operations
• Brewery Outfit
• Brewery Operations
     - General Outline
     - Properties of Beer
     - Composition of Beer
     - Beers Classified
     - Wort
     - Principles of Mashing
     - Diastase and Starch
     - Peptase and Albumen
     - Mashing Methods and Character of Beer
     - Mashing Operations
     - Mashing Systems
     - Rice and Corn in Brewing
     - Prepared Corn
     - Pure Starch
     - American Lager Beer
     - Treatment of Unmalted Cereals
     - Wahl's Lautermash Method
     - Anton Schwarz's After-mash Method
     - Pressure Mashing
     - Export Beers
     - Extra Pale Beers
     - The Mast at Rest
     - Running off the Wort
     - Sparging
     - Slow Flow of the Wort
     - Boiling the Wort
     - Break of Wort
     - Bottle Beer
     - Hopping the Wort
     - Cooling
     - Influence of Different Materials and Mashing Methods
     - Fermenting Cellar Operations
     - Storage Cellar Operations
     - Chip Cellar Operations
     - Special American Bottom-Fermentation Beers
     - Production of Thick Mash Beers in Germany and Austria
     - Top-Fermentation Beers in the U.K., America and Germany
     - Composition of Various Beers, Tables
     - Brewing Losses from Malt Mill to Platform
• Utilization of the By-Products of the Brewery
• The Bottling Department of a Modern Brewery
• Figuring in the Brewery
• The Brewer's Chemical Laboratory
• The Brewer's Microscopical Laboratory
• Lubricants and Lubrication
• Legal Relations of the Brewer
• Beer Dietetics and Economics
• Miscellaneous Information
• Bibliography
• Dictionary of Technical Terms
• Publications Consulted
• Index

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