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Who was it that said, "Life is a popularity contest."? Well, it wasn't us at Nevertheless, we've put together a list of our most popular beer books. Some are old, some are new, but all have one thing in common: beer enthusiasts have selected them to be among their favorites. If you'd like to put in your two cents about any book in our catalog, feel free to leave feedback at our Book Discussion Board. Prosit!

Favorites In Brewing & Recipes...
The Brewmaster's Bible: The Gold Standard for Homebrewers
Master homebrewer Stephen Snyder presents the A to Z guide for producing expert homebrewing results every time. Also included is a mind-boggling array of recipes collected from brewmasters around the world. It would take a lifetime to brew them all. Our Price: $18.00 (You save 10%) Read more / Order.
Clone Brews: Homebrew Recipes for 150 Commercial Beers
When Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Company, saw this book, he asked the authors, "How did you get my great great grandfather's personal recipe for Samuel Adams Boston Lager?" Book contains clone recipes for 150 of your favorite commercial beers. Our Price: $11.95 (You save 20%) Read more / Order.

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Brew Ware: How To Find, Adapt & Build Homebrewing Equipment
There is nothing that quite matches the satisfaction of having just the right tool or equipment to perform a task -- and brewing tools are no exception, especially when you've created or adapted them yourself. Brew Ware offers great ideas, from home-sized versions of commercial brewery equipment to simple gadgets that make brewing easier or safer. Our Price: $15.15 (You save 20%) Read more / Order.
New Complete Joy of Homebrewing
Written by home brew guru Charlie Papazian, this book is one of the best selling home brew guides ever. Details the theory and history of homebrew while concentrating on practical recipes with how-to charts, graphs and tables. Our Price: $12.50 Read more / Order.

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Favorites In Tasting, Trekking & Style Guides...
New World Guide To Beer
Here is the undisputed world's best selling book on beer. And its easy to see why. Michael Jackson takes you on a wonderful tour of the beers of the world. The incredibly visiual nature of this book will pick you up and transport you to beer centers around the globe. Not just a book -- an experience. Our Price: $14.50 (You save 52%) Read more / Order.
The Good Beer Guide To Belgium and Holland
Published in association with CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale), this comprehensive travel guide provides everything the tourist needs to track down and appreciate the unique beer styles and tastes of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The author provides complete details on hundreds of the very best cafes and pubs in all three countries. Our Price: $13.55 (You save 20%) Read more / Order.

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Favorites In Beer & Brewery History...
Beer Drinker's Bible: Lore, Trivia & History
Enjoy a light-hearted look at the world of beer, from ancient times to the present. Award-winning author and historian Gregg Smith and co-author Carrie Getty cover every beer-related fact throughout history from words and phrases to famous and little-known quotes and toast, taverns, glasses and vessels, and beer styles. Our Price: $7.94 (You save 51%) Read more / Order.
Secret Life of Beer: Legends, Lore & Little-Known Facts
A fascinating collection of beeraphernalia including historical, and sometimes hysterical, facts, short stories, and illustrations, compiled by a world-traveled cultural anthropologist. Our Price: $11.95 Read more / Order.

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Favorites In Breweriana...
World of Beer Memorabilia
Life long collectors Herb & Helen Haydock have produced the cornerstone book on breweriana. Pictures hundreds of mind-blowing brewery advertising artifacts from the mid-1800s up to the 1950s and 60s, along with brief histories of various breweries. A must for any collector of breweriana. Our Price: $24.95 Read more / Order.
Beer Memorabilia: Collecting The Best From Around The World
Here's a fantstic, colorful look at collecting breweriana from the U.S. and elsewhere. Lots of rare and beautiful pieces of breweriana pictured and discussed. The section on beer labels is particularly well done. Our Price: $10.49 (You save 42%) Read more / Order.

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