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Resources on Saloons...

Excerpt from Breweries of Cleveland:

The corner saloon has always been an absolutely essential ingredient in the makeup of the brewing industry. Virtually the sole outlet for beer throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the saloon was, simply stated, the brewer's lifeblood. Beer, after all, was first and foremost an imbibery of the saloon, and only secondarily a household product. But even so, right up until the onset of prohibition, the "take-home" trade, as well, was conducted through the saloons. "Growlers" -- small tin pails used exclusively for carrying beer from saloons -- were a significant portion of the typical saloonkeeper's business in the early days. Later, the ease and convenience of bottled beer doomed the growler to extinction, but even bottled beer was dispensed primarily through saloons. It was not until after the repeal of prohibition in 1933 that new retail channels for beer began to develop. As America's mobility increased, particularly after World War II, so too did "off-premises" consumption of beer. But for more than a century prior, it was entirely the neighborhood saloon through which brewers built their trade and amassed their fortunes.

Books on Saloons...

A Guide To Ohio Brewery Trays
Robert A. Musson, M.D. / Spiral Bound / 48 Pages / 2010
Our Price: $0.00

Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer (Hard Cover)
Maureen Ogle / Hard Cover / 432 Pages / 2006
Our Price: $7.33 (You save 70%)

Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer (Paperback)
Maureen Ogle / Soft Cover / 422 Pages / 2007
Our Price: $12.00 (You save 20%)

American Saloons: Pre-Prohibition Photographs
Roger E. Kislingbury / Hard Cover / 348 Pages / 2015
Our Price: $0.00

Beer & Food: An American History
Bob Skilnik / Hard Cover / 246 Pages / 2007
Our Price: $19.95 (You save 20%)

Breweries of the Gold Country
R. Scott Baxter and Kimberly J. Wooten / Soft Cover / 128 Pages / 2012
Our Price: $0.00

Breweries of Wisconsin
Jerry Apps / Soft Cover / 252 Pages / 1992
Our Price: $0.00

Cincinnati's Brewing History
Sarah Stephens / Soft Cover / 128 Pages / 2010
Our Price: $0.00

Hawaii Beer Book: Bars, Breweries & Beer Cuisine
Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi / Soft Cover / 184 Pages / 2007
Our Price: $14.00 (You save 12%)

History of Beer & Brewing in Chicago, 1833-1978
Bob Skilnik / Soft Cover / 263 Pages / 1999
Our Price: $72.00

Let There Be Beer! (1932)
Bob Brown / Hard Cover / 321 Pages / 1932
Our Price: $110.00

Louisville Breweries: A History of the Brewing Industry in Louisville, Kentucky
Peter R. Guetig & Conrad D. Selle / Soft Cover / 305 Pages / 1995
Our Price: $29.95

Mom and Pop Saloons: A Compendium of Saloon Statuary Tools for Display
Michael A. Pollack & Richard A. Penn / Hard Cover / 320 Pages / 2002
Our Price: $49.95

Over-the-Rhine: When Beer Was King
Michael D. Morgan / Soft Cover / 176 Pages / 2010
Our Price: $0.00

Saloons, Bars & Cigar Stores: Historical Interior Photographs
Roger E. Kislingbury / Hard Cover / 336 Pages / 2002
Our Price: $48.00 (You save 20%)

The Saloon: Public Drinking In Chicago & Boston, 1880-1920
Perry R. Duis / Soft Cover / 416 Pages / 1999
Our Price: $21.95

Wetter Than the Mississippi: Prohibition in St. Louis and Beyond
Robbi Courtaway / Soft Cover / 416 Pages / 2008
Our Price: $0.00

Year Book of the United States Brewers Association for 1915
Hard Cover / 360 Pages / 1915
Our Price: $0.00

Videos on Saloons...

DVD: Ken Burns - Prohibition (3-Disc Set)
Ken Burns / DVD / 3-disc set, 360 Minutes / 2011
Our Price: $19.95 (You save 20%)

Photos of Saloons...

A Beer and a Smoke
Photo reprints available in various sizes.

A Few With Lunch
Photo reprints available in various sizes.

Photo reprints available in various sizes.

Photo reprints available in various sizes.

J.T.'s Beer Palace
Photo reprints available in various sizes.

What'll You Have?
Photo reprints available in various sizes.

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