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Beer From the Expert's Viewpoint
ProductWith the repeal of National Prohibition in 1933, the Wahl Institute in Chicago sprang to life. Chemist Robert Wahl, along with son Arnold Spencer Wahl, resumed the in-depth study of brewing science for which the Institute had become famous before Prohibition. In 1937, the Wahls published this book, designed to educate a new generation of American brewmasters. The Wahls believed that history was critical to a full understanding of beer. So, the topics of modern brewing are presented within a strong historical context. Intermingled with those discussions are many of the elder Wahl's personal recollections of the pre-Prohibition heyday of brewing -- giving a rare first-person account of the history of American beer styles, ingredients, brewing methods, and more. Our Price: $21.47 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.
Theory and Practice of the Preparation of Malt and the Fabrication of Beer
ProductFor many American brewmasters of the late 1800s, this 840-page monster volume was their absolute bible. First written in German by Julius E. Thausing, professor of the brewing school at Modling near Vienna, the book was translated into English in 1882 and expanded to include material tailored to the American brewing industry. A primary figure behind the English edition was New York brewing chemist Anton Schwarz, whose scientific research had earned him virtual guru status among beermakers. Heavily edited and expanded by Schwarz, this book is as close as the venerable scientist ever came to publishing his lifetime of brewing knowledge in book format. Our Price: $29.75 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.

Louis Pasteur's Studies on Fermentation: The Diseases of Beer, Their Causes, and the Means of Preventing Them
ProductIn 1876, Louis Pasteur published his ground-breaking volume, Études sur la Bière, soon translated into English as Studies On Fermentation. The book changed the course of brewing during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, representing a huge leap forward in the scientific understanding of the processes involved in beermaking. Brewers around the globe put Pasteur's findings to work in their breweries, and thus plunged the industry headlong into the modern era. Our Price: $24.45 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.
Origin And History of Beer And Brewing From Prehistoric Times to the Beginning of Brewing Science And Technology
ProductIn 1911, John P. Arnold set out to fill a void that existed in brewing literature. The result was Origin and History of Beer and Brewing — a global study of beer throughout history that has remained a cornerstone work for nearly a century. In recognition of Arnold's contribution to the study of brewing history, has reprinted this groundbreaking work from an original 1911 edition. Our Price: $24.45 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.

The Pabst Brewing Company: History of an American Business
ProductIn 1948, Thomas Childs Cochran, Professor of History at New York University, completed what is perhaps the most in-depth historical study of an American brewery ever undertaken. The result was The Pabst Brewing Company: The History of an American Business. During the book's preparation, the author was granted full access to the Pabst corporate archives, nearly all of which has since been lost or destroyed. Without Cochran's work, much of the Pabst story might have remained forever untold. Our Price: $20.97 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.
Brewed In America: The History of Beer and Ale in the United States
ProductIn our opinion, Brewed In America is just about the best, most comprehensive history of brewing in America out there. Published in 1962, nothing else has yet topped it. The book goes into great detail on just about every facet of beer and brewing history in the U.S. from colonial times up to the time of publication (1962). Terrific insight into the evolution of the brewing industry, and the most complete history of beer in America in any single work. Our Price: $20.97 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.

Beer, Its History and Its Economic Value as a National Beverage
ProductIn 1880, American writer Frederick W. Salem published a book detailing the state of the U.S. brewing industry, and profesing its vital importance to the nation's economy. Salem's extensive statistical data alone makes this book a great resource -- particularly the complete list of every licensed brewery in the U.S. in 1878 and 1879, arranged by state/city, along with each brewery's individual beer production for both years. But, there is so much more! Come look inside the book and read an excerpt. Our Price: $20.97 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.
History of the Brewing Industry and Brewing Science in America
ProductPublished in 1933, History of the Brewing Industry and Brewing Science in America is one of the most overlooked resources on American brewing history. The authors trace the progress of beermaking in America from the colonial period up through the Civil War, then shift into a detailed discussion of the vast scientific and technological developments made in brewing from the late 1800s up to prohibition. How those advances transformed brewing in America into a great industry is the recurring theme. Our Price: $20.97 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.

Curiosities of Ale & Beer: An Entertaining History
ProductWhen author John Bickerdyke first began researching what he called "the antiquities of ale and beer," he was shocked to find that no comprehensive volume had ever been written on the subject. In 1889, Bickerdyke corrected that injustice with publication of this book. In the words of the author himself, his tome was responsible for "the bringing to light of many curious facts, so far as I am aware, never before noticed" about the role of ale and beer in the history of mankind. Starting in ancient Egypt, the book traces the evolution of beer and brewing up through the late 1800s. Our Price: $24.45 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.
The Falstaff Story
ProductIn 1951, Alvin Griesedieck, a third generation brewer, wrote this history of his family's St. Louis brewery. He gives a candid account of the challenges of prohibition, the boom of repeal, and the struggles of World War II. Although the book was published prior to Falstaff's explosive growth during the 1950s (the company ultimately ranked as the nation's third largest brewer), it nevertheless offers a detailed and compelling look at the long road to get there. It is a truly riveting story, and a rare first-person account of a great brewery's evolution. Our Price: $20.97 (You save 30%) Read more / Order.

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