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The Practical Brewer, 1947 Edition

Condition: Used - Good
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Comments: See condition report below.

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Publisher: Master Brewers Assoc. of America, 1947.
Hard Cover, 232 pages, 6.25 x 9.00.
Item #1128

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The Practical Brewer was first published in 1946 by the Master Brewers Association of America to serve as a handbook for brewmasters everywhere. It covers all aspects of brewing beer in detail, including numerous illustrations of brewery equipment and ingredients. This is pure gold for modern brewmasters, giving intricate insight into the means and methods employed by the brewers of an earlier era.

The book has a nice navy blue hard cover with imprint lettering and an embossing of the MBAA's historic logo in the center. A truly nice piece of history.

Co-Authors of the Practical Brewer were: Edward H. Vogel, Jr. (Brewmaster, Griesedieck Bros., St. Louis), Frank H. Schwaiger (Brewmaster, Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis), Henry G. Leonhardt (Brewmaster, Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis), J. Adolph Merten (Pres., Ems Brewing Co., E. St. Louis, Ill.).

CONDITION: Good. Minor corner bumps. Titles on spine dulled. Inside, former owners ink stamp (Joseph S. Pickett, brewmaster who later founded the Pickett Brewing Co. in Dubuque, Iowa) on inside front cover, title page, and inside rear cover. Otherwise, inside is extremely clean. Hinges and binding are strong and tight.


1. Water
2. Barley, Malting and Malt
3. Hops and Preparation of Hops
4. Adjuncts
5. Brewhouse
6. Cooling of the Wort
7. Main Fermentation
8. Stockhouse Procedure
9. Bottle House and Racking Procedure
10. Sanitation and Safety Precautions
11. Methods and Instruments Used in Brewing Control
12. History of Brewing in U.S.A.
13. Terminology
14. Dispensing


A training program should be supplemented by a manual covering the processes of an industry. Such is THE PRACTICAL BREWER.

THE PRACTICAL BREWER was conceived by four practical master brewers (known in other industries as production superintendents) who know the problems of production. These four men felt that the brewing industry and the men employed by it were handicapped for lack of a source of practical information about beer and brewing. They approached the president of the Master Brewers Association and volunteered to write a practical manual for the brewery worker, if the Association would publish it.

Phil Berkes, then president of the Association, received the offer enthusiastically, presented the matter to the Executive Committee and obtained its prompt endorsement. As a result, the authors started to work. An Editorial Board of twenty-one experts in brewing, equipment and materials was appointed to work with them in carefully editing each chapter as completed. It took just two years to produce THE PRACTICAL BREWER.

The only reward received by the authors and the Editorial Board is the thanks and appreciation of the Association, and the satisfaction of the completion of a job well done.


The purpose of this book is to outline in a simple and readable manner the essentials of practical brewing. The particular object of the contents is to supply information concerning the production of beer, so as to elucidate some of the mysteries thereof. In preparing the material, the aim has been to avoid complexity of treatment insofar as possible, without becoming superficial. Although the treatise is by no means exhaustive, it is sufficiently complete to enable the reader to gain a reasonably thorough knowledge of brewing. No special effort has been made to avoid the use of technical terms. It is considered one of the purposes of the text to explain such terms, and render them sufficiently familiar so that employees, whose training otherwise might be insufficient for the demand, may be encouraged to make use of this book.

Published material from all parts of the world has been used freely with no intention of capitalizing on anyone's knowledge. We have prepared this practical treatise from the best sources available for the express purpose of having a manual to fulfill the immediate problem of the brewing industry... the training of competent employees. Those who desire more detailed information on the scientific phases should consult the larger treatises and classics on brewing such as, "Brewing--Science and Practice" -- By H. Lloyd Hind or the "American Handy Book of the Brewing, Malting and Auxiliary Trades" -- By Robt. Wahl and Max Henius, "Biochemistry Applied to Malting and Brewing" -- By R. H. Hopkins and C. B. Krause, and others of the same category.

The need for a textbook dealing with the practical principles and technology of malting and brewing must have been felt by many engaged in the industry for a long period of time. This book is meant to fulfill that need. Its purpose is to familiarize the employees of the American brewing industry and the American public with the procedures and materials used in brewing beer. If it has stimulated interest in our profession then its purpose has been well served.


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