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Beer Blast: The Inside Story of the Brewing Industry's Bizarre Battles For Your Money
By Philip Van Munching

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Publisher: Random House Publishing, 1997.
Hard Cover, 310 pages, 6.5 x 9.5.
Item #1162

» Also see the Soft Cover edition.

This incredible book is sure to become the official record of the turbulent transformation of the brewing industry over the past 30 years. Brewing industry insider Philip Van Munching charts the rise of today's reigning brewers, complete with the bizarre stories of industry competition between the big 3 (Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and Coors), personal vendettas of the brewers themselves, and the birth of the microbrew market. The highlight is the indepth story of Miller Brewing Company's unprecendented growth during the 1970s (Tastes Great. Less Filling) and Anheuser-Busch's reaction to it.

Here's what critics had to say about Beer Blast....

I picked up Beer Blast thinking, "Imagine, a whole book on beer!" But now, after being hugely entertained by the stupidities of the Big Bland Breweries, surprised by the forays of the Imports, and for the first time truly appreciating the zesty contributions of the Micro-Brewers, I'm eager for Beer Blast II.
-- Tony Antin, Reader's Digest

Beer Blast has everything: Vicious competition, charismatic chief executives, sneaky sales tactics, government meddlers, wacky advertising. Philip Van Munching tells the beer story with crisp, concise writing and an insider's insights. Writes great. Less folderol.
-- Al Ries, author.

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