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Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales & World-Altering Meditations in a Glass
By Randy Mosher

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Publisher: Brewers Publications, 2004.
Soft Cover, 324 pages, 8 x 9.
Item #1340

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Lavishly illustrated and filled with fascinating tidbits of brewing lore, this is a brewing book unlike any other. From the arcane to the exuberant, the ancient to the futuristic, RADICAL BREWING encompasses the passion and vitality that makes the contemporary American brewing scene the envy of the world.

With over 90 complete recipes and an abundance of useful information for the novice as well as the grizzled veteran, this book puts you in touch with some of brewing's most exotic -- and delicious -- brews.

After a concise introduction to beer and how to brew, RADICAL BREWING moves on to the secrets for the great session ales, lagers and easy-to-brew Belgian beers. Then, it moves on to the next level: strong beers, adjunct beers, fruits, spices, smoked beer and more. The challenging Belgain styles are next, followed by a tour through the vast repertoire of beer through the ages and an introduction to mead and honey beers. Chapters on group brews aand activities, equipment, and the art of enjoying beer & food complete the text.


Foreword by Michael Jackson

Introduction: Changing the World One Glass at a Time 2

Chapter 1: An Embellished History of Beer 3

Chapter 2: What is This Thing Called Beer? 16
What Makes a Beer? 16
Body and Texture 17
Units of Measurement 18
Beer Flavor 19
Elements of Aroma 20
The Fine Art of drinking Beer 21

Chapter 3: An Overview of Brewing 24
Why Homebrew? 24
The Brewing Process in a Nutshell 26
Stuff 29
Get on With it: Your First Radical Brew 30
How Not to Screw It Up 34
Extract + Mini Mash Brewing 36
Mashing Made Easy 37
Basic Infusion Mashing 39
Mashing Made Difficult 39

Chapter 4: Basic Ingredients 42
Malt, Glorious Malt 42
Malt Types Chart 44
More Hops! 46
Hop Variety Chart 49
Is it or is it Not the Water? 54
Godisgood: The Mystery of Yeast 57

Chapter 5: How to Build a Beer 60
It's Art, I Tell You: Putting a Recipe Together 60
Cypherin': Calculating in the Brewery 61
On to a Recipe 64
It1s All About Process 65
Fermenting and Conditioning 66
About the Recipes in This Book 69
Recipe Worksheet 71

Chapter 6: Is it Any Good? 72
The Basics of Critical Tasting 72
Your Strange Brain 73
A Dirty Dozen of Off-Flavors 74

Chapter 7: Basic Drinkers 78
Extraordinary Ordinaries: British Bitter 78
(Not So Dumb) Blondes 80
A Flash of Brilliance: British Summer Ale 83
A Sparkle in Your Ale 84
Kick-Ass IPAs 88
Brown is Beautiful 92
Intire Butt: Porter 93
Twelve Ways to Improve a Stout 101

Chapter 8: Lager On! 104
A Perfect Pilsner 104
Decoctions: Are They Worth the Bother? 108
Munich Dunkel 111
Almost Porter: German Schwarzbier 112
Alternate Bocks 113

Chapter 9: Belgians are Easy 116
Belgian Pale Ales 116
Brews of Beelzebub; Strong Pale Ales 118
Saison: Beer of Heavenly Balance 119
Three Times the Fun▄Abbey Beers 122

Chapter 10: Big Honkin' Brews 126
Big Things: the Demands of Big Beer 126
Dragon's Milk: English October Beer 129
Imperial Pale Ale 133
English Doble-Doble 135
Towards a Portlike Beer 136

Chapter 11: Beyond Barley 138
Wheat and Weizen 138
Adjunct Grain Chart 141
GoseBier of Jena 146
A Smattering of Adjunct Recipes 148

Chapter 12: Hops Are Just Another Herb, Mon 152
Using Herbs and Spices 153
Herb and Spice Chart 158
Wassail: Twelve Beers of Christmas 164
And More... 170

Chapter 13: Tooting your Fruit 172
Fruits for Brewing Chart 174
Techniques for Brewing With Fruit 176
Oranges and Other Citrus 178
Drink Your Vegetables 182
Hole Chipotle, It1s Chile Beer! 183
Shrooms, Man! 184

Chapter 14: Bent Beers 188
Taking Liberties with Styles 188
Smokin: Beers, That is 189
Historic Smoked Beer Styles 191
Sugar, Sugar 196
Radical Techniques 200
Just Plain Crazy 202

Chapter 15: Spooky Belgium 204
A Perfectly White Beer 204
Off-White 210
Oud Bruin: Flanders Sour Brown 212
Lambic 217

Chapter 16: Rolling Your Own 222
Going Organic 222
Malting Your Own Barley 223
Roasting Your Own 224
Growing Hops 226

Chapter 17: Forward into the Past 228
Historical Weights and Measures 230
Very Ancient Beers 235
The Age of Gruit 239
Heather Ale of Scotland 240
Old Ingredients and Quantities 243
Finnish Sahti 244
Devon White Ale 246
Kvass and other Russian Beers 247
Ales & Beers of Jolly Old England 249
Thick Gooey Beers 254
Outlaw Ales of Northern Germany 256
The Horrors of Colonial Ales 261

Chapter 18: Save the Bees! 266
A Bit About Honey 266
True Mead 269
Bragot and Beyond 272

Chapter 19: Don't Try This Alone 278
The Glory of Brew Clubs 278
Big Barrels O' Beer 280
Stone Beer 280
Get-Togethers and Beer Tastings 282
You Can Take it With You 285

Chapter 20: Building a Buckapound Brewery 288
Some Generalities 288
Raw Materials and How to Work Them 289
Automation 293
The Buckapound Brewery 294

Chapter 21: A Few Words on Beer & Food 296
What Goes With That? 296
Cooking With Beer 297
Cooking With Beer Ingredients 299

Chapter 22: What's Next? 300
So much to do 300
Going Pro 302

Appendix 306
Web Link 306
Brewing Organizations 306
List of Recipes 307
Bibliography 309
Index 313

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