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Yeast Fermentation and Pure Culture Systems
By Stephen Laufer and Robert Schwarz

Condition: Used - Very Good
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Comments: See full condition report below.

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Publisher: Schwarz Laboratories, Inc., 1936.
Hard Cover, 111 pages, 6.25 x 9.25.
Item #1457

In the early 1880s, the first pure yeast culture was developed by Emil Christian Hansen, head of the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ultimately, pure yeast culture came to dominate brewing worldwide, though, as this book explains, brewers in the U.S. were somewhat slow to adopt it before Prohibition. Published just after the repeal of Prohibition, this book sets out to convince American brewers that pure yeast systems would be an utter necessity in the post-Prohibition environment. The book was published by the long-respected Schwarz Laboratories in New York; one of the authors is Robert Schwarz, son of the lab's founder, Anton Schwarz.

From the introduction:

"The quality and especially the character of beer in large measure depends upon the condition and nature of yeast used for fermentation and on the manner in which the fermentation process is conducted. Yeast and fermentation, therefore, are interrelated and interdependent. To be a good 'beer brewer' one also must be a good 'yeast grower.' This publication is intended to serve the practical brewer as a manual that will furnish him with the most important information regarding fermentation and growth of pure yeast, and guide him in his operations."

CONDITION: Very good. Covers clean and sharp. Inside pages very clean, except for some minimal underlining on two pages. Binding stroing and tight.

Chapter List:

    - Fermentation
    - Classification
    - Culture and Wild Yeast
    - Bottom and Top Fermenting Yeasts
    - Yeast Races and Varieties — Pure Cultures
    - Flocculating and Powdery Yeasts
    - Variation of Yeast — Deterioration
    - Morphological and Anatomical Structure of the Yeast Cell
    - Chemical Composition of Yeast
    - Enzymes
    - Mechanisms of Alcoholic Fermentation
    - Metabolism of Yeast
    - Nutrition
    - Reproduction
    - Fermentation
    - Influence of External Factors on Growth and Fermentation
    - By-products of Yeast Metabolism

    - Bottom Fermentation
    - Pitching
    - Fermentation Stages
    - Temperature Control
    - Physico-Chemical Changes
    - Fermenting in Closed Tubs
    - Abnormal Fermentations
    - Fermenting Cellar Calculations — Degree of Fermentation
    - Vatting
    - The Yeast Crop
    - Degeneration and Change of Yeast
    - Top Fermentation
    - Pitching
    - The Skimming of Fermentation
    - Attemperation
    - Ale Fermentation Systems

    - Microscopical Examination of Yeast
    - Sporulation Test
    - Foreign Organisms
    - Examination of Fermented Young Beer

    - Development of Hansen's Pure Yeast Culture System and Its Significance in Brewing
    - Development in Europe
    - Development in United States
    - Preparation of a Pure Culture
    - Propagation in the Laboratory
    - Propagation in the Brewery
    - Pure Yeast Culture Apparatus
    - Hansen-Kühle Apparatus
    - Schwarz Laboratories Apparatus

    - Features of the Schwarz Laboratories, Inc., Pure Yeast Culture Apparatus


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